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How the Sisal Carpets Imbue the Beauty In Your House

The sisal rugs and jute are genuine natural beauty capable of conferring a special charm and nature in any interior. Sisal, a fiber extracted from the plant of the same name, and jute, obtained from the stem of the vegetable garden, have the great advantage of being biodegradable. As these raw materials are renewable, they respect the principle of sustainability and are therefore environmentally friendly. Their strength and resistance are equivalent to that of a woolen carpet or an outdoor carpet, sisal and jute can be used in a wide variety of ways and are ideal for the manufacture of natural fiber rugs.

Sisal rugs for everyone

A sisal carpet can fit into virtually any interior. In addition, their non-slip bottom surface allows them to stay in place and their robustness makes them resistant to a very high number of passages in busy rooms. A kitchen rug, for example, will have a particularly long lifespan. Natural fibers have a huge advantage: thanks to their hygroscopic properties, they provide a pleasant atmosphere in your interior by absorbing the humidity of the room and releasing it if necessary. However, this characteristic does not mean that they are suitable for humid rooms such as a bathroom. In fact, when exposed to excessive humidity, Sisal rugs become damaged and can become covered with permanent water stains.

Style and nature

But sisal or jute rugs are more than functional: they are ideal for nature lovers but also for those who love classic and timeless designs. Usually made in natural tones such as beige, brown or red, a sisal rug is rather discreet and thus offers you great freedom of choice as to the decoration of your room. Many sisal-type rugs are also surrounded by an elegant border highlighting the natural structure of the flatwoven rug. Plus, the variety of shapes and sizes available means anyone can install one in virtually any corner of their home. The shape of the hallway rugs sisal makes them particularly poultry as they are ideal for long and narrow corridors. But other models also charm with their sober and natural look. The round rugs or squares for example bring whatever happens a warm and pleasant atmosphere to your piece.

A sisal rug is a natural, coarse-grained rug. It is made from the fibers of the sisal agave, which are processed into bundles. The hard surface of Floorspace sisal carpet is created by the high proportion of cellulose in the material. This makes the mat particularly strong and durable.

The natural fiber is neutral beige when not dyed. Unlike synthetic fibers, it is also easy to clean, which is why sisal rug is often used in the dining room. However, as we will explain later, the sisal carpet is also suitable for stairs and households with cats.

Who is a sisal rug suitable for?

Sisal rug is suitable for anyone looking for a durable rug for their home. On the one hand, it serves as a decoration. Now you can find not only brown sisal rugs, but also dyed natural fiber models. It thus contributes to a pleasant atmosphere in the room.The sisal rug helps to regulate the climate of the room. The sisal fiber absorbs moisture and releases it evenly throughout the room.

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