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What are the documents required to register with Amazon Global Selling?

Registering with Amazon Global Selling is an easy and simple process that can be done from any part of India. Once you’ve registered, you can start expanding your business and export from India across the world via Amazon global marketplaces. To register, any Indian seller is required to provide a few documents for verification purposes, before exporting. Let’s look at the 3 documents required to register with Amazon Global Selling

1. ID Proof:

• You can choose any of the following documents: Aadhar Card, Passport, Driver’s License or PAN Card. For convenience, you can upload Aadhar Card/Passport. You would be required to submit this ID proof later during registration.

• Your name should match the name mentioned in the national ID card provided during Amazon seller registration.

• ID proof should be clearly visible. Please provide a color copy if possible. We recommend you upload your Aadhaar card as ID proof.

• You can scan the Aadhaar card displaying both sides as shown in the image below. 

2. Address Proof:

• Bank statement/credit card statement is used to verify company address.

• The bank statement uploaded should be a color photo and must be dated within the last 180 days.

• Bank logo, bank account number, business address, business name or point of contact (name of the person to contact on behalf of the business), and bank account holder name must be clearly visible.

• The statement must include transaction activity. However, you can black out the transaction amount.

• If the bank account is in the name of your business, the bank account name on the document must be the same as the name of your business. However, if you have a sole proprietorship, the bank account name on the document must be the sole proprietor's name.

• Online statements are preferred.

• If you’re opting for an offline statement, please get the statement stamped and provide a clear scanned copy.

3. Credit Card Requirements:

• When you register as an Amazon seller, it is necessary to enter an internationally chargeable credit card with a valid billing address. Upon completion of registration, the monthly fee (if applicable) will be charged on this credit card or USD $1 (excl. VAT) to validate the credit card.

• Credit cards should be international transactions enabled.

• To make it international transaction enabled, please get in touch with the bank.

Know more about the Amazon seller registration process here:

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