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What is a toll-free number, and how can it help small businesses?

A Toll-free number is a business contact number that starts with the prefix 1800 followed by six or seven digits unique to a business. The toll-free contact numberis free for the callers – any caller/ customer can place the call from the landline or the mobile phone free of cost and interact with a business. The cost of the incoming and outgoing is borne by the number owner- the company that has published the number to enable its customers to call them without incurring any cost.


The toll-free number service offers many advantages to businesses, especially the small ones with few resources, that are trying to find a strong foothold in the competitive marketplace. The services help them connect with their customers and carry out marketing campaigns cost-efficiently.

Let's discuss how the toll-free business number is helping small businesses.


Higher Lead Conversion: Every small business needs to acquire more customers. The toll-free number helps get the same without spending a fortune on marketing campaigns and promotional activities. The toll-free business number encourages the callers to interact with the business as they don't have to pay for the calls placed. A small company can convert a prospective client into customers and build a large customer base to promote growth and drive more revenue with more calls. The call recording feature allows the company to get in-depth nights into the conversation and analyse their interaction to offer better CX and better products and services.


Brand Recall Value: In a crowded marketplace, it's essential to build brand recall value. With the solution, it is easier to do so. These business numbers are easy to recall, and customers find it easy to contact the business. Moreover, the toll-free contact number can be used across multiple marketing campaigns. So, it helps engage the customers using the same number that customers find convenient to remember and call.


24x7 Availability: A small business, with the help of a toll-free number service, can ensure that its available to its customers 24x7. So, even after business hours, a customer can get in touch with the company. In contrast to the traditional phone lines, the availability and accessibility of the business are not restricted to business hours. It prevents potential customers from turning away and switching to the competitors as they get the desired response solution using the toll-free number service. Moreover, with the call routing capability, the callers are connected with the available agents instantly. The reduced call wait time and 24x7 availability are something every customer wants.


Higher Customer Satisfaction: When callers incur zero costs to contact a business, it provides them higher satisfaction and a better experience with the company. Potential callers, customers are happy that they are not spending anything to make the calls. Whether for query resolution for making a buying decision or getting after-sales reason- irrespective of the product life cycle stage, the service facilitates free and seamless connectivity between the business and the customer. Also, with the IVR integration, customers get faster resolution of their queries, which boosts customer satisfaction.


Track Marketing Campaigns: A small business aims at getting a high ROI on its marketing campaigns and derives the maximum results. The Toll-free number service helps in tracking the feasibility of the marketing/ promotional campaigns. It can collect customer feedback with surveys and polls, which callers are likely to participate in as they need to leave feedback without interacting with a live agent. It can tweak its marketing strategy if required and match the customers' expectations. All this is done cost-effectively with an affordable toll-free number solution.


Tap New Markets: A small business would like to explore new markets to promote business growth, and the solution helps it achieve this goal. With a small investment in premium toll-free numbers, a small company can generate business in new markets and expand its customer base cost-efficiently.



In a nutshell, the toll-free contact number proves to be highly useful for small businesses. The technology perfectly aligns with their goals and helps them achieve their objectives. So, they should consider getting the technology and aim for a broader customer base.


From where should I buy the Toll-free contact number service?

 Now, this is the question most businesses, especially small-scale businesses, have in mind. They want the latest cloud technology that accommodates their budget and offers them several benefits that they can use to thrive in a competitive marketplace. They need a trustable cloud communication provider that offers high-quality products and customer support to optimally use the solution to the best of their advantage. Such businesses can join the list of more than 6000 companies who have chosen Knowlarity for getting the toll-free number service.

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