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4 Dental Replacements Your Dentist May Recommend

There’s no need to say, missing one or more teeth can impact the appearance of a smile. Our teeth are made to work together to aid us to speak, chew and smile and if any of the teeth are missing, it’s daunting to function. Either a missing tooth is the cause of injury, gum disease or an inherited condition, it can end in several problems. Even if you lost a back tooth, it’ll cause your jaws to shift, resulting in your face looking older.

By good fortune, your lost teeth can be replaced. There are several dental replacements that help to restore your smile along with an ability to easily chew, eat and talk. Without further delay, let’s have a look at these alternatives and set-on to apply for healthy dental care:

1. Dental Implants

First thing first, dental implants are one of the popular options to replace a toot

h, few or even, full-set of teeth. It creates a strong basis for removable or fixed teeth, designed to fit your natural teeth through restoring tooth roots with titanium elements and henceforth, securing the right replacement teeth in turn. The Finchley dentist with its personalised and state-of-the-art services offer a high standard of dental treatment to gain your perfect smile seamlessly.

2. Full Mouth Dentures

Besides implants, full mouth dentures are a great replacement method if you lost all your teeth or were planning to acquire them as a result of damage or disease. When your dentures are fixed, you will come up with a full range of straight teeth. In this set of teeth, two dentures are created to replace both the lower and the upper arch of teeth.  

3. Fixed Bonded Bridges

The fixed bonded bridges are one kind of restoration method that fills the spaces where single or more teeth are missing out. They are cemented or bonded in a place that only a professional Finchley dentist can take it away. Placing this bridge will require you more than one dental visit. At first, your dentist makes the teeth on the side of the gap. Afterwards, the bridge will be fixed to these teeth.

4. Removable Partial Dentures

As the name reveals, removable partial dentures are easily taken out from your jaws for cleaning. They generally have replacement teeth attached to a plastic layer that fits the shade of your gums. This plastic layer may be covered in a metal framework. To ensure the best partial dentures, Finchley dentists are encouraged to take care of replacement teeth with the latest techniques, group learning and dental tips.   


Dental care is one of the important considerations to pursue good health. Hence, it is evident to discuss all the dental replacement alternatives so that you can choose the best option for you. To get to know more about these methods, get in touch with us.

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