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How to differentiate between coloured diamonds and other coloured stones?

Diamonds are available in a variety of colours in the market. There are many shades such as red, pink, blue, green, yellow, brown, black, white, violet, orange, green, etc. But herein lies the problems. There are other coloured gemstones as well. While it is easy to identify a white or a transparent diamond, which is the most common one, identifying a coloured stone as a diamond can get a little tricky as one might confuse it for another stone. Here are a few ways in which the differentiation can be done.

·         Reflecting light

Every stone reflects light differently. Diamonds have their unique style. If you suspect your diamond is fake or some other stone, then it will not show the typical characteristic of reflecting light in a certain way when held face up. If you are an expert yourself, then you might be able to figure it out, but for a trusted opinion, always visit a jeweller. Many light experiments are done on jewels to find out about their authenticity to help identify the kind of stones they are. Some coloured diamonds hatton garden reflect light less if the colour is dense. That needs to be taken into consideration as well.

·         4 C’s certificate

If you’re buying a gem and if it is a diamond, then you will definitely get a certificate that mentions the four C’s that define a diamonds characteristic. The four C’s stand for Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat. The certification is an assurance that the jeweller has checked the diamond for all four aspects and if selling you a genuine, authentic diamond. For coloured diamonds, the certificate will specifically mention the colour shade, its number and other specifications regarding the same. So if your jeweller is known as trusted, then you will have no confusion whether your gem is a coloured diamond or just another colourful stone.

·         Hardness

Diamonds are the toughest substance on Earth. They are difficult to cut, carve, mould and shape. Although you cannot identify the hardness by yourself, you can always take your gem to a trusted and known jeweller and they can help you identify if your gem is a diamond or not. Other stones are comparatively delicate or fragile and do not sustain tests that are conducted on diamonds. A good jeweller will be able to tell the difference instantly.

·         Price difference

Diamonds are priced considerably higher than other gemstones. They are considered to be rare and also have a higher market demand than other gems. Similarly, other gemstones are subject to market ups and downs and accordingly their prices fluctuate. Diamonds on the other hand have a monopoly in the market and the prices tend to stay constant as manages by single companies. Other stones such as emeralds, rubies are actually rarer than tougher to find than diamonds, but due to the high market demand of diamonds and the unlimited variety of colours they’re available in, their prices seem to soar higher.

It is almost impossible to differentiate by yourself unless you are an expert. But these few tips will help you be aware and know enough about the subject to ask relevant questions even as the jeweller does his job for you. Sometimes people tend to get confused while purchasing Engagement rings London, and these tips can come in handy at that time.

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