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What Does Your Blood Pressure Mean About Your Heart?

How does the heart function? As the major organ of the body, the heart pumps blood all through the body while supplying oxygen alongside energy that the body requires. 

When the blood moves, it pushes right against the blood vessels; the strength of the blood pushing blood is regarded as blood pressure.

The blood pressure aids doctors in the London heart clinic to determine if the pressure is healthy or not.


Moreover, your body’s blood pressure is determined by the measurement of both diastolic and systolic pressure. Let’s get to know them better:

Systolic Pressure: It is the top number, and it measures the overall force that hearts exert on walls of the arteries, everything the organ beats.

Diastolic Pressure: This represents the bottom number, and this specific pressure measures your heart’s force exerted on the arteries’ walls as it beats.

Furthermore, the readings of blood pressure fall into 4 different categories:-

  • Normal Blood Pressure
  • Elevated Blood Pressure
  • 1st Stage Of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • 2nd Stage Of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Normal Blood Pressure:

This phenomenon occurs when the systolic pressure ranges below 120 Hg, and the diastolic pressure is below 80 Hg. 

If you have got normal blood pressure, then the heart and the blood vessels are fine. Adopting a completely healthy lifestyle is all you need to do!

  • Elevated Blood Pressure:

When a person is diagnosed with elevated blood pressure, the systolic pressure ranges from 120-129 Hg, and the diastolic pressure stays below 80 Hg. 

Like normal blood pressure, elevated blood pressure can be addressed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper supplements and diet.

  • 1st Stage Of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Well, hypertension is becoming more common among people due to a sedentary lifestyle and intense work pressure. 

When a person is diagnosed with hypertension Stage-1, the systolic pressure ranges between 130-139 Hg, and the diastolic pressure ranges from 80-89 Hg. 

After being diagnosed with hypertension, it becomes significantly crucial to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

By the looks of it, once you develop this cardiovascular disease, having a proper consultation with a doctor is essential as you’ll be further prescribed to take one or more medications to manage the blood pressure.

  • 2nd Stage Of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

When the blood pressure ranges from 140 Hg or higher in terms of systolic pressure and 90 or higher in diastolic pressure, a person is deemed to be suffering from the 2nd stage of high blood pressure. 

Just like the first stage, you’ve to consult with a doctor in the London heart clinic regularly and take medication as prescribed.

Final Words

When you’re diagnosed with normal blood pressure, then simply maintaining a holistic lifestyle would prevent having a cardiovascular disease like high blood pressure from happening.

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