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Package Mailing Ideas For Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

Every business possesses a personality of its own. The product, the brand design and even the packaging is a reflection of that personality. If you are an entrepreneur who believes in being eco-friendly, then switch to packaging that would promote your environmentally friendly nature.

Many companies are still into that harmful way of packaging their product which is not only bad for the environment but also their brand image.



If you are an eco-friendly entrepreneur, then here are some package mailing ideas that you might find helpful:-

  1. Reusable Bags- These are some of the most popular eco-friendly options wherein you can pack your products, especially if you have a physical store. Go for brightly printed mailing bags that your customers can reuse; it would be good for the environment and reusing the bag will also advertise your brand for free.
  2. Cloth Wrapping- if your product does not need heavy wrapping, then opt for cloth wrapping. It will showcase your brand, and your products will also be wrapped in a unique way. Just like you pack a gift item with paper, you can do the same with a piece of cloth. Choose a good-quality and sustainable fabric that would reflect your brand image. These wrappings are much more durable than papers and hence are likely to cause less harm to the environment. Your customers can potentially reuse and repurpose those wraps.
  3. Mail-Back Boxes- If you are shipping fragile items, then reusable printed mailing bags or cloth wraps might not be a good choice for you. Instead, go with eco-friendly mail-back boxes, they are very durable and reusable too. Once the customer gets the product, they would send the box back for a small refund and you can use it in your next shipment. Many companies have started using this, wherein the customers return the container for refilling or to get some of their money back.
  4. Biodegradable Packing Peanuts- As much as it is important to package the outside of the box properly, it is equally important to pack the inside of your boxes. Traditionally, companies used bubble wraps and styrofoam, but both are bad choices for the environment. A new environment-friendly option that has emerged as an alternative is biodegradable packing peanuts. They are made up of natural materials like wheat and cornstarch, and thus will not cause any type of land pollution. However, they will efficiently protect the items present in the cargo.
  5. Corrugated Bubble Wraps- The traditional bubble wraps are bad for the environment, but you can use sustainable corrugated ones. These are the giant version of the wraps and they are equally efficient in protecting fragile items.

These are some of the packaging options that an eco-friendly entrepreneur can consider for packaging their products. People these days have become very conscious and they would support businesses that offer sustainability.

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