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The Difference Between A Payday Loan And A 24/7 Loan

A financial emergency can happen anytime. Imagine you are running out of cash and all of sudden some medical emergency comes up. In such a situation arranging the funds becomes super important yet difficult. We know asking for money from your relatives could be super embarrassing so here the better solution is to take a loan. 


Today we are privileged to have different kinds of short-term loans such as payday loans, same-day loans, instant online loans and more. But among all other types of loans, today payday loans and 24/7 instant loans are the most popular ones. 

And people often get confused when choosing between these two types of loans. So let us describe the differences between these two types of loans so that you can choose the best-fitted one for yourself.

Application Process

In comparison with payday loans, these 24/7 loans are more flexible and come with an easy application process. It just takes a few seconds to apply online and then it requires a few minutes of the screening. On other hand, this payday loan may take a bit more minutes. It may take 24 hours for screening and then approval of the loan application.

Loan Amount

If you need some emergency cash then this 24/7 loan can let you borrow money above £5000. Isn’t this amount sufficient to manage an emergency? On other hand, this payday loan doesn’t sanction a big amount of loan until one has successfully repaid their previously borrowed money. 

So if it’s your first time applying for a payday loan or you haven’t repaid the previous loan amount yet then it’s smart to apply for the loan with a comparatively low amount.

Credit Score

Generally, these 24/7 loans don’t look at the credit history of their clients. So if your credit score is poor still you can consider yourself eligible to apply for this instant loan. 

On other hand, some payday loans do check the credit score of an applicant before approving their loan application. Sometimes a poor credit score becomes a barrier here and leads to rejection.

Cash Credited Time

If you choose this 24 hours loan then you can expect the amount to get credited within 10 minutes. Yes, this loan is this much instant. As this loan is primarily designed to help people during their emergencies so here the cash transferring process is quite smooth and fast. 

On other hand, payday loans generally take a maximum of 24 hours to get sanctioned. But both of these loans only get sanctioned only if an applicant has submitted all the original documents.

Thus to conclude, both of these loans are helpful and safe at the same time if taken from a well-reputed platform. So choose the best-fitted ones for yourself and get the amount credited.

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