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A List of the Best Fireplace Tools That You Should Be Investing In

During the winter season, people are more inclined to stay indoors and use their fireplaces. With this comes the maintenance that is required of it. Though some may think that they need to buy a fireplace and then leave it alone until summer, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to owning one. If you’re new to having a fireplace or if you’ve never used your fireplace before, here are some tools you might want to consider buying for easy upkeep:

·         Fireplace bellows

If you want to increase airflow inside your fireplace, then this tool will be ideal for the job. Fireplace bellows are simple to use, and they work by creating a strong vacuum that can pull air into a ‘bellows’ compartment then forcing it outwards with a good amount of force. This type of tool is beneficial in getting more significant pieces of wood going quickly and re-igniting fires that have gone out. A good advantage about these tools is that some types come with interchangeable heads, so you can clean different surfaces without buying more than one type of fireplace tool. This is one of the best fireplace tools you can have.

·         Chimney brush

This is very useful if your fireplace has a chimney. Using this tool will clean out residues that might have built up inside your chimney, so it will prevent fires from being blocked by them, which can be very dangerous if not correctly done.

·         Log grabs

Log grabs are used to move logs around while they’re still burning without having to touch or pick them up with another fireplace tool. These tools are usually metal prongs with tongs on either end, which you can use to grab logs and move them around without getting burned. They also come with long handles, so you don’t need to stick your arms into the flames while using them. If you plan to use your fireplace more often during the wintertime, buying these tools would be very helpful.

·         Fireback cleaner

This tool helps remove residues that might have built up on the back of your fireplace or insert. It comes with a pole with a wire brush at one end, and the other end is usually attached to an extension pole for easier reach when cleaning higher areas on your fireplace. These tools are suitable for wood-burning fireplaces or inserts but not for gas fireplaces.

·         Fireplace shovel

This type is used to scoop out more significant amounts of embers from your fireplace or insert if other people around you don’t want to get burned. It also comes with a long handle, so you don’t need to reach inside the flames while using it. These tools are usually made from metal and have a flat head on one end for scooping out embers and then come with a hooked or curved end at the other end for easy storage when not in use.

The best fireplace tools can help with cleaning the furnace properly and keep it in good working order. Invest in quality ones and you can also order the required ones online.

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