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PVC Boards, New Age Building Material

PVC is one of the most long-lasting materials, which means it will last for a long period. It takes less upkeep and saves money on maintenance as compared to plywood. 

It is best utilized in kitchens and bathrooms because it is very resistant to high temperatures and humidity, and it also does not have pest issues, which means that borers and termites do not feed on it, unlike other woods, and it provides a sanitary alternative. The price is an added benefit. Because it is less expensive than plywood, PVC has an advantage.


PVC Boards such as Century PVC NEO, Century PVC Select, PVC Select Doors, and so on are eco-friendly materials with a plethora of fantastic features that you would be surprised to learn about.The best thing about PVC boards is that they are quite easy to install, and you can do it yourself at home without having to hire a professional. Another advantage is that it is reasonably priced. The pricing does not detract from the quality.


The PVC boards are of such high quality that they will not readily deteriorate and will remain in good condition for an extended period. The ideal items to choose from are those with a high density. PVC Boards have one distinguishing feature, and that is their designs. These are available in a variety of stunning styles that appear stunning when installed in a home.

PVC Foam Boards in Different Colors

PVC has a particular power to overcome severe weather circumstances due to properties such as weather resistance or having humidity resistance. It has a high print quality and a long lifespan. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated to be a suitable choice in terms of resilience to weather patterns.


It is processed similarly to wood, with the only difference being that it does not swell. It can hold screws at its best because it has a large capacity and machining capability. The PVC boards are available in a variety of beautiful colors. It is the most preferred choice among building professionals due to its positive qualities.

PVC Foam Boards in their Natural State

For a variety of applications, fully prepared boards with great strength and durability are the chosen choice. It swiftly replaces the functionality of wood and other items in a wide range of applications. It has a wide range of applications. Because it is flame retardant, it can be used safely in high-risk settings. Because of the age resistance of plain PVC Foam Boards, they are in high demand among builders and architects for producing elegant outside furnishings.

Sign Boards Made of PVC

Century provides exceptional quality solely used for signboards, owing to a high degree of technical practices and so well industrial equipment. Signboards are put in high-traffic regions where even the environment can impair their printability and limit their longevity.


That is why it is advisable to use the best products for sign boards that can survive for a long time and are not harmed even in adverse weather conditions. PVC Sign Boards are exceptionally robust to all seasons. It has a high printing potential. As a result, this might be created in a variety of colors and styles, with a wide range of distinct modifications. It has great polish and a sturdy frame.

Sheets of PVC Foam

Our PVC Foam Sheet is extensively used in a range of sectors due to its durability. It's made of a sophisticated polymer made of high-quality Polyurea and PVC. It may be handled in the same way as wood but without any of the drawbacks of wood.


As a result, it has acquired popularity as a result of its breathtaking originality, which is excellent for a variety of ornamental and interior functions. It also has better soundproofing. It also has a substantial energy shielding flux. Because of its low maintenance and extended lifespan, it is a popular choice for a variety of facades and furniture.


PVC boards are the best and are available in a variety of forms. Purchasing PVC Boards Design is thus the finest option for updating the appearance of the space.

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