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How to Sell Courses Online

Are you someone who is stressing over how to get new coaching clients?

Aren’t you nodding your head?

To become a successful course creator, you have to:

     Choose your online course niche,

     Create engaging & interactive course content,

     Choose an LMS, upload your course &

     Launch it

Along with this, you would also need a solid marketing plan to grab the attention of your potential learners.

Online courses came into the limelight after the lockdown of 2020. People find it easy to learn through online courses because of the ease that they provide to learn from anywhere, anytime. We are in the mid of 2021 and as of now, we can say that online courses are here to stay.

The best part about launching your online courses is that you can create a course on anything that you are good at doing. It is not mandatory to create a course on the topics that you learned through formal education. If you are good at baking cakes, you can start your cake baking classes.

Many people want to learn from someone who has deep knowledge of the subject matter. Somehow, if you manage to build your personal brand, you will have people who would want to purchase your course.

Therefore, creating an online course is a win-win situation for you as well as for your learners. You can use Spayee to create, market & sell your online course.

Tips To Sell Online Courses

1- Mark your Social Presence

The easiest & most effective way to interact with your audience is to use social media. Create dedicated accounts of your online institute on various social media platforms and engage with your audience regularly.

Conduct Live sessions on various social media platforms and have a face-to-face interaction with your audience. If you are a newbie, build strong connections with experts on platforms like LinkedIn & invite them as guests in your Live sessions. It can help in building trust and your brand among your target audience.

Leverage paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Running paid ads can help you in seizing the attention of your target audience.

2- Build a Strong Personal Brand

A strong personal brand keeps you ahead of your rivals & allows you to build trust among your target audience. To build your personal brand, you would need to create valuable content consistently on platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram.

Share your stories, your success, your failures with your audience. Tell them how you faced all the challenges that kept coming while you were chasing your dreams.

Your audience will connect deeply with you when they know about you and the story behind you. Hence, share your experiences and stories to establish your credibility.

3- Email Marketing

A strong email list can help you level up your online teaching business. It would work as a strong foundation for your online teaching business. Email marketing is the easiest & cheapest way to send targeted emails to your audience.

The biggest advantage of using email marketing is you could easily track the opening rate of your emails. This can help you in understanding the type of email copy that your audience likes.

Half of your problems will vanish if you choose a platform that would allow you to integrate email marketing tools. I would suggest you to choose an LMS like Spayee. They provide amazing sales and marketing tools like refer and earn, affiliate marketing, push notification & email marketing to their clients.

4- Create a strong sales page

Through the sales page, you can demonstrate your products and services to your audience. It is the best way to show them how your course can change their life in a positive way.

Add testimonials to your sales page to build credibility because people will purchase your course only when they see that someone has already purchased your course. If you are a newbie, then you can offer your course at a discounted price to a few learners and in return ask them for a testimonial. The chances are that most of them would agree to share their review or testimonial.

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