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5 Reasons to opt a Personal Loan for Home Renovation

If you're considering home improvements, you're undoubtedly well aware that even minor changes can add up to high costs. One approach to make your project more reasonable, is to go for a home renovation loan. This type of loan is basically a personal loan that is tailored expressly to assist with renovation expenditures.

Some people use the money for travel, while others use it for house renovations or even weddings. This flexibility, combined with the convenience of online application processes, has made personal loans the ideal alternative for finance requirements. Given below are some of the reasons one must go for a home renovation loan.


Reasons to opt a Personal Loan for Home Renovation

  1. Renovation increases the value of the property It is critical to ensure that the value of your home increases over time. This can be accomplished through remodeling credits, which are viewed more as investments than mortgages. Moreover, considering personal loans for renovation purposes qualify for a tax deduction that can help you save money and ultimately, lower the cost of borrowing.
  2. Make arrangements for unexpected costs Many people save money for house renovations, believing their savings will cover all costs. But many people find themselves needing more money than they planned or saved. Plumbers, electricians, and carpenters only provide an estimate. During the renovation process, there are usually other issues as well that need to be fixed, therefore, adding to the costs. These unexpected expenses are best handled by taking out a personal loan. Moreover, getting a loan somewhat greater than your budget saves you the headache of re-applying. These home renovation loans also have variable repayment terms depending on the interest type.
    The first one is the variable interest rate loans in which the interest rate applied depends on the current market rates of personal loans. While, in the mortgages with fixed interest rates, the interest rate and the repayable amount remains constant throughout the loan duration. The interest rate in this type of credit is decided at the time of borrowing according to the market rates at that time. These types of credits can prove to be beneficial for the borrower in different cases. If the market rates are constantly declining, variable interest may help you to decrease the repayable amount while, in the case of increased rates, fixed interest rates are said to be better.
  3. Loan without the need for collateral Personal loans are unsecured, which means you can borrow up to Rs. 25 lakhs without pledging any assets as collateral. A personal loan allows homeowners to borrow money without giving up ownership of their homes.
  4. Get renovation loans with minimum documents Personal loans are unsecured; thus, documentation is minimal. Filing is also straightforward with personal loan apps. With online applications, you no longer need to file paperwork on paper. Instead, just scan the personal loan documents and upload them to the loan app or lender's website. Moreover, the documents required are also basic ones that everyone can easily arrange. The following are the primary documents that must be submitted to the NBFC for credit approval: a completed loan application, a letter of employment confirmation, six months' financials, three months' salary slips, address and identity verifications, etc.
  5. Get the money instantly and take care of urgent repairs Sometimes, you may come across numerous issues in your homes, such as water leaks, roof repairs, bathroom repairs, and electrical problems that need urgent repair. In addition, if being tackled together, these issues need a good amount of money. Therefore, the best course of action is to apply for a personal loan and resolve these issues. These days, the best lenders will allow you to borrow money and have it in your account within 24 hours.

Choose flexible payback arrangements and completely transform your space

As a salaried applicant, you can take advantage of low personal loan interest rates if you meet all eligibility requirements. While this enables you to pay inexpensive EMIs, you may also choose a more extended payback period to make repayment more affordable. Generally, the repayment duration can be extended up to 60 months, which provides ample time to repay in manageable installments.

Personal loans are an excellent alternative if you want to renovate your home. There is no reason to deplete your money or take out a mortgage on your home. Personal loans are incredibly convenient and often come with competitive interest rates and limited-time incentives. Therefore, one can simply provide a new sole to their old property without hesitating with a personal loan.

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