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The Importance Of Block Paving Sealing

Block pavings have become quite popular these days in different types of properties. Whether we are talking about the pattern imprinted concrete pavings or anything else, most types of brick pavements are treated with transparent sealants now. 

It helps to protect them from stains and also inhibits weed growth. For block paving, the sealer helps to stabilise the jointing sand. There are dedicated sealers for different types of pavings and each has its unique applications.

There is a wide range of sealants available and they are quite comparable to their respective prices. But it should always be ensured that the right type of sealant should be used for each paving type. For example, block paving sealer can only be used with block pavings and not on clay pavers. 

Even Though some sealants claim to work with all surfaces, it is always a good idea to choose a specific sealant which is developed for a given paving type.

The sealants are specifically demanded by the larger paving contracts, like at petrol stations, to prevent the fuels from penetrating the pavements. The block paving sealer is found in airports, where they are mostly used for preventing the erosion of jointing sands which are specifically caused by jet blasts. 

They can also be found in ports wherein water ingress can potentially cause pavement failure. They are also found in several other high usage areas like city centres, restaurants, and railway stations where the sweeping activities can potentially move the jointing sand from the pavements if they are in unsealed conditions.

Benefits Of Pavement Sealing

We have summarized a list of benefits that sealing pavement yields:

       It acts as a weed inhibitor which is quite common in block types of paving.

       It helps to resist all kinds of stains that might occur on the pavements.

       They come with easy applications.

       They are hard-wearing and long-lasting.

It is always advised to go for sealants that are designed specifically for a given type of paving. A high-quality product with the right specification is important for maintaining the quality of the work. Often it has been seen that the sealants claiming to work for all types of pavings, diminish the glow and appearance of the paving, making them look dull and unattractive. Public pavings are meant to be aesthetic and such degradation in the appearance is not at all desirable.

To avoid this, one can always go for a patch test to understand whether the given sealer would be helpful for the paving. Maintaining the aesthetic is as important as it is maintaining the functionalities of the paving. Thus, choosing the right and high-quality sealant would help to maintain the conditions of the paving and enhance its lifespan.

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