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A Detailed Guide to Used Car Markets in Armenia

Armenia, a landlocked European nation, has arisen as a significant player in importing Japanese used vehicles. Renowned for their excellence and reliability, Japanese products have captured global attention, and the used car market in Armenia is no exception. 

This article delves into Armenia’s used car market, exploring the reasons behind the popularity of Japanese used cars for sale in Armenia and the potential for Japanese exporters in this growing market.

1. Armenia’s Attraction for Japanese Used Vehicles

The appeal of Japanese used cars for sale in Armenia has become more than a trend. It is evidence of the global reputation for superior technology and design that Japanese car manufacturers have accurately refined over the years. 

The Armenian automotive market, characterized by its relatively small size, has created a unique ecosystem where the used car industry grows. The high prices of new cars have forced consumers to turn their attention to the second-hand market. In this market, Japanese vehicles are known for their reliability and innovation. They have become the undisputed leaders.

2. Market Dynamics and Opportunities

The compact new car market has become a favourable place for success for used Japanese car exporters in Armenia. The economic sensibilities of the Armenian consumer base are driven by the high costs associated with new cars. This has paved the way for a growing demand for Japanese used vehicles. These cars are renowned for their affordability and advanced features. They resonate well with cost-conscious buyers seeking reliable transportation.

The local used car market in Armenia remains robust, offering a promising landscape for domestic and international sellers. Japanese used vehicles are often sourced from a well-maintained and quality-driven market. This attracts buyers looking for cost-effectiveness and superior engineering. 

3. Import Trends

In recent years, there has been a notable rise in the trend to import Japanese used cars to Armenia, revealing a shifting consumer mindset. The rising numbers highlight a growing confidence among Armenians in purchasing pre-owned cars. It reflects a practical approach toward cost-effective and reliable transportation. 

With a keen understanding of the local demand for trustworthy and reasonably priced vehicles, these Japanese car exporters in Armenia can cater to the evolving preferences of Armenian consumers. 

This trend signifies a changing automotive scenery in Armenia it also highlights the adaptability of the market to hold imported used vehicles as a possible and attractive option for buyers.

4. Regulatory Landscape

Every country has specific rules and regulations governing the import of vehicles, and Armenia is no exception. Understanding and following these regulations are crucial for a smooth customs clearance process. 

Armenia allows the importation of left-hand drive vehicles, and the following documents are typically required for the importation of used vehicles from Japan:

  • Purchase Invoice

  • Original Bill of Lading

  • Car Title

  • Certificate Confirming Technical Specifications and Good Running Order

  • Proof of Previous Use Abroad

  • Pro-forma Invoice

  • Interpol Document Confirming Non-Stolen Status

5. Import Taxation

Armenia imposes various taxes for customs clearance, depending on the vehicle’s characteristics. For vehicles running on petrol, importers must pay environmental fees. Additionally, a 20% VAT and a 10% customs fee are required.


Some vehicles may also be subject to customs duties of 32%. While duty-free importation is allowed for temporarily imported vehicles, selling these vehicles before the end of the temporary importation period incurs necessary duties.

To Sign Off

Armenia’s growing market for Japanese used vehicles reflects a shift in consumer preferences toward reliable, cost-effective transportation. Thus, Japanese exporters have a golden opportunity to establish a strong presence in Armenia’s used car market.

As the demand for quality vehicles continues to rise, the option to import Japanese used cars to Armenia stands as a promising destination for those looking to enter the country’s evolving automotive landscape. You can get started by visiting Bizupon website to browse through the huge inventory of high quality second hand Japanese cars that you can get shipped to Armenia direct from Japan

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