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Addressing Accessibility: Improving Delivery Infrastructure Across Bangladesh

In 2024, everything is at our fingertips. Want to send a package? You do not have to walk down to the courier office or have a friend drop it off when they are going by. The delivery infrastructure has developed so much that you can barely recognize it from a few years ago. In this post, let's understand how Bangladesh's delivery infrastructure is improving. 

The Delivery Infrastructure of Bangladesh

Bangladesh's delivery system is skyrocketing. Do you want to know how?

  • It has a food delivery system that is leading on-demand worldwide. 

  • Online food delivery system that is adopting top-end tech.

  • The health service delivery system includes promotion, prevention, diagnostics, and more. 

Apart from these forms of delivery services, the system is developing a modern delivery method where anyone can send anything in a matter of minutes. Companies like Porter Bangladesh get these tasks done easily. But how, might be your question. Let's get to that. 

Accessibility to Delivery Services in Bangladesh

Just like other developing countries, Bangladesh is also performing well in several sectors, and the delivery system of the country is one of them.

a) Easy Online Access

You do not have to walk or drive to a courier office to have your packages picked up. Instead, the agent comes to your location to pick up the order. You can just navigate to the official site or application, book your delivery slot, and have your package picked up —all from the comfort of your home.  

b) Live Updates

Even before your order is picked up, you will be updated with your delivery person's details, including how much time he will take to reach you and his exact location. After the orders have been picked up, you will get a live update on any further delays or if the delivery person wants to talk to you. 

c) Live Tracking

You can live-track your package's delivery. Once you provide the recipient's details, they will also be updated on the delivery. 

d) Insured Deliveries

In most cases, when you deliver fragile items, you can have your delivery insured with just a few more bucks. This makes you secure for any unforeseen circumstances in the future. 

e) Direct Contact with the Delivery Agent

The delivery agent will update you when there are any issues during the journey when he has trouble locating the exact locations, and much more. You can also contact the delivery agent or have a live chat with him for these needs. 

f) Online Payment Methods

You can make payments for your delivery service online. Whether using QR codes to pay, credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers, you can make these payments with just a few clicks. This becomes a hassle-free process to do online. 

g) Safer Delivery Systems

Since there is a possibility of insuring your deliveries, harm or damage will be reimbursed. However, your items will be safely carried to the destination by professionals skilled at getting the job done with perfection. 

h) Customer Support and Grievance Redressals

If you have any questions, you can also contact the delivery company's customer support team. Most delivery companies offer chat, call, SMS, and email support.  

The Perks of the Developing Delivery Services

Let's understand the benefits with an example. 

Assume you reside in North Dhaka, and your sibling in South Dhaka. Provided it is the capital of Bangladesh, it is among the highest in the country's development environments. You want to send gifts to your sibling during festivities (one of the most crowded times). You can book a delivery service to get this delivery done. Modern delivery systems will benefit you through the following:

  • Instance pick-ups from your location; you do not have to visit their office in person.

  • Live tracking systems and contact with the delivery agent for ease of service. 

  • You can make online payments for the delivery service or pay cash. 

  • You get updates and notifications on the status of your package.

  • You can enjoy safe delivery, and if there are inconveniences, you can call customer support.     

Note: Keep one thing in mind: You need to choose the best delivery services in Dhaka to enjoy these perks.         

Across Bangladesh, the delivery ecosystem is growing fast. This environment is deemed to grow more, adopt newer tech, and become one of the country's most accessible sectors. 

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