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How Expensive Are Patio Awnings?

If you want to have a good-looking shade over your garden or outdoor space then an awning would be a brilliant choice. These awnings are ideal to have a comfortable temperature in the outside area of your house.

During the summer, it works like an umbrella and keeps the sun heat away. Just like this during the season of monsoon it lets you enjoy the best of nature without being wet.


So installing an awning, especially the patio one is one of the greatest investments you can ever plan for your house. It also beautifies your home more and increases the overall net worth of your house.

Now you may ask how expensive these patio awnings are. Let ’s have a quick check and estimation:-

Retractable Patio Awning- Among all other options of awnings this one is the most popular one. These patio awnings come with a retractable shape that looks stunning at any house. Also, amazing strength and durability make it the most superior choice as one’s home awning. The materials used in this awning are all rich in quality. So if you are looking for something gorgeous, efficient and long-lasting you can have a count on this one. The cost of this awning varies from £500-£12000.

Off The Shelf Patio Awning- This is basically a readymade awning that comes in particular shapes and sizes. And here one thing to remember is that this patio awning doesn’t allow one to choose the size and shape. Rather it’s predesigned and premade. Also, this awning is very much handy. You can install it easily and super quickly. The installation process of this awning doesn’t take much time. The cost of this awning is comparatively cheap than any other patio awning. The average cost would be around £250-£550. Also, there are some additional costs that this price doesn’t cover.

Bespoke Patio Awning- This one is quite expensive. These patio awnings allow one to customise their house awnings according to their preferred sizes and shapes. This comes with a great visual appeal which steals everyone’s attention at the first look. The price range of this patio awnings lies between £1200- £10000. But this awning is totally worth investing money in as it runs long, shines well and serves more.

Other Expenses- There are some additional expenses one has to bear in this installation process of a patio awning. This includes delivery charges, installation charges, electrical decoration, maintenance cost & more. Sometimes awning sellers provide a discount on these additional expenses. So it is very difficult to assume the exact cost of these additional expenses.

Hope now you have all the needed information gathered. Let us tell you one thing here that an awning is totally worth spending money on. Go for it. Good luck.

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