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How to amplify the voice of your mentees?

Do you have a mentor from a mentoring platform? Having an excellent mentor on a mentoring platform can immensely benefit your career and personal development. However, you must put lot of effort and be dedicated to seeing results. 

You will need to exert more effort if you want to produce the results your mentor from any mentoring platform expects from you. The qualities of a good mentee have an impact on the mentoring relationship's success.

How to amplify the voice of your mentees?

Your mentee depends on you. They need your knowledge, contacts, and network. Since they have the least experience in the group, they are typically intimidated or kept mute, which inhibits them from speaking up and expressing their ideas. 

Meeting with a senior person in the business or industry seems like an insurmountable task. There are steps a mentor from a mentoring platform can take to properly support and strengthen their mentee's voice. 

By using your social capital, you may raise your mentee's status, self-esteem, and career trajectory. The next five steps will immediately advance your mentee's career.

Compliment the mentee's efforts at meetings

Every time a mentee—or anyone else excluded, for that matter—has a great idea, receives praise, or does something fantastic or exciting, be sure to bring it up throughout both real and virtual meetings. 

Don't expect individuals in the organization to learn about your mentee's accomplishment if you don't respectfully but forcefully inform them about it.

Offer your protégé committee work.

Having a strong network and a good reputation in your field at the national level is essential for career success. 

Working on committees with national organizations is a crucial tactic for raising awareness and participation. 

Committee posts typically require a nomination. As a mentor, use your social and political capital to promote getting your mentee a seat at the committee table. 

Clearly state why they are good fit for group's work as well as what they can add to the dialogue and product.

Nominations for the mentee's honours

Awards are given in practically every field. However, if a person is not nominated, they have no chance of winning. The aim isto have your mentee's name and successes acknowledged on a par with award winners. Nominate them for awards. 

Let them know prior that you wish to nominate them for a certain award. Go over their resume with them to uncover any gaps and help them locate opportunities to fill them before the deadline for award nominations.

Whenever you see them, introduce them.

The constant need to be "on," the long days, and the jam-packed schedules can all make attending a conference scary. Additionally, it's a great chance to help your mentee build relationships. 

Consider the individuals your mentee ought to interact with and make sure to introduce them to them. Find out who your mentee would like to meet as well. 

Establish an email relationship with your mentee and look through the speaker and attendee lists in advance. Even in the age of virtual conferencing, this still functions.

Pay attention to their online endeavours

If you are pleased with your mentee's efforts and successes, let the world know. If you share encouraging messages on social media, ideally with a picture of your mentee or a screenshot of their success, they will feel validated. 

When my mentee's first article appeared, I made sure to tweet about it and give a link to it. Even if it could seem unimportant, the fact that your network will be able to see who you openly support and recommend gives your mentee new opportunities.

How can I improve as a mentee?

A mentor-mentee relationship must develop over time. You must respect your mentor of a mentoring platform and show that you are willing to follow their advice. They give their free time to the mentorship programme. Therefore, use your time wisely. To prevent wasting time at meetings, you must be well-prepared.

Set expectations, objectives, and limits; have a clear plan for the mentorship's growth and future. It helps you get the most out of your experience. A mentor from a mentoring platform and mentee can define trust-building together. A successful mentorship depends on clear communication and the establishment of boundaries.

Some advice for mentees

        You need to show that you're committed. Good mentees are conscious of their benefits and drawbacks. Thus, preparation and conversation during meetings are beneficial.

        Discuss and cover the themes throughout the mentoring session. The meeting is profitable. Inquire in-depth about topics like how to become a persuasive speaker, how to embrace failure, or how to interact with people who don't listen to others.

        Take the lead. Create a strategy for achieving your objectives and take notes throughout each mentoring session with the help of mentoring platform.

As mentors from a mentoring platform, we must set an example for our mentees. Internships provide a unique and less hazardous opportunity than traditional employment avenues. 

You will have more time to evaluate someone's performance before deciding to hire them, so it's essential that we also put our best foot forward. 

As you begin conducting interviews for summer interns this year, keep in mind that not every team is set up in a way that makes it ideal for mentoring an intern. 

As a result, consider how you can either continue to provide interns with worthwhile learning opportunities or how you want to improve your team so that everyone feels more at ease—including the potential future coworkers you are currently interviewing!

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