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The Importance And Uses Of Plantation Shutters In Essex

The plantation shutters refer to the slated or wooden blinds that are put inside the window sill and are drilled to provide privacy and control the sunlight entering the room.

Interestingly, the name plantation shutters originate from the humungous plantations of coffee, tea, sugar, cotton and tobacco in the areas of America. 


The Essex plantation shutters have become popular in today’s times. People opt for them in their houses and workplaces to allow fresh air.

Hallmarks Of The Shutters

       Elevate The Ambience

The plantation shutters accentuate the home d├ęcor and add a dash of style to the interiors.

One can control the amount of light entering the room, allow some passage of air and enjoy all the privacy in the world. Moreover, these shutters make the houses look as good as new. These can be painted as per one’s will and embellished on the windows and doors.

Not only this, the shutters keep the interiors cool during the sweltering heat and warm during the brass monkey weather. These do not get blown away by fierce winds and can sustain tough weather conditions such as snow, heavy downpour and hailstorms.

       Provide Security

With the Essex plantation shutters, one can see what is happening outside the house but the passersby cannot know anything.

These prevent break-ins and do not allow unidentified people to peep inside the room.

Also, these shutters can be closed during the evening. It is a mammoth task to break the shutters and enter the house.

       Reduce The Crass Cacophony

These shutters eliminate unwanted noise of the vehicles plying on the streets, the hawkers selling things and the shrilling voice of the neighbourhood kids.

All the crass cacophony that takes a toll on the people’s nerves is kept at bay. The residents can take their forty winks, read novels and pursue the activities they like without being disturbed.

       Easy To Maintain

The plantation shutters do not require much maintenance. These are easy to clean and keep the disease-causing bacteria away.

Moreover, these last a lifetime and if things go haywire, the shutter men can be called to fix things.

These are made of high-quality materials such as wood, brass wood, polymer and PVC plastic.

These can be fitted to windows with varying designs such as fitted, arched and rounded. One can also install them in the conservatories and these complement the glass roofs.

Summing it up, the plantation shutters are an important accessory to the interiors. It adds to the ambience and reduces the cacophony around us. One can have all the privacy in the world and it regulates the temperature of the room. These can be purchased at affordable prices and come in a variety of shapes and designs.

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