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Scheme of a cargo elevator transporting people and goods in special scenarios

Touch control display

A 19-inch touchscreen is required, and the display area is planned in three parts:

  1. LOGO and text part: LOGO image and text content can be customized (LOGO image format and font format, color, etc.). The LOGO is on top and the text is on the bottom. The LOGO image and text are modified through the platform.
  2. Surveillance display part: The lower left corner of the screen mainly displays the CCTV video images inside the outdoor cargo elevator.
  3. Elevator control part: at the bottom right of the screen, mainly floor display and elevator control. Floor shows the floor where the elevator stops; Elevator control master with the elevator hall button, 1st floor staff to deliver to the second floor, such as researchers at 1/f, press the "level 2" button on the screen, the elevator stops when the car door is open, 1/f, staff the delivery service will deliver the goods to the elevator, the staff will exit the elevator (the cargo can not be loaded), according to the "close" button again, the elevator on the cargo to the second floor and open the door.

2. Alternative design

The system architecture of the circuit is mainly composed of two parts: video intercom and video surveillance:

System architecture diagram

1) Visual intercom

The total number of cargo elevators is small, each floor of the elevator door has deployed a fully digital video intercom door machine, and 1 indoor extension has been deployed in the duty room.

Each floor of the video intercom door machine can call the internal expansion of the duty room. Door machines with visual intercom and indoor machines can be transmitted via Ethernet connection.

2) Video surveillance

Video surveillance is mainly implemented by deploying a hemispherical elevator surveillance camera inside the car. The elevator link is wirelessly bridged and connected to the Ethernet network, and the video from the surveillance cameras is stored on the internal NVR.

Considering the surveillance and use of the elevator, the extension of the video intercom room can view the surveillance video images of the elevator as needed.

3. Business process design

The elevator door of the cargo personnel through the door video intercom calls the elevator control center, the elevator control center attendant through the internal extension to answer the elevator call, while the attendant through the internal extension to monitor the elevator car if the elevator is idle through the elevator control system to control the elevator doors; ​If the elevator is carrying goods, it will be informed by the video intercom that the elevator is carrying goods and must wait. When the cargo elevator is idle, the elevator will be controlled to dock to the calling floor and carry out the load.

Finally, we recommend that our customers choose cargo elevators, not only pay attention to the inexpensive cargo elevator price, we must think for a long time, some equipment is inexpensive and expensive, the maintenance rate of the hydraulic lifting platform cargo elevator is extremely low or even non-existent.

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