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Different Types of Money Plants to Consider Buying Online


According to Feng Shui, the money plant attracts wealth energies. This plant got its name from its big, flat, plump leaves. If you know that this plant is good at purifying air, you should consider buying an online money plant. You can choose from a variety of money plants at an online gift store.

Here’s the list of the online money plant you can easily find at an online gift portal.

        Golden Pothos

This money plant has bright green leaves with a yellowish golden tint. People buy the Golden Pothos the most. It is also known as Devil’s Ivy, but its scientific name is Epipremnum aureum. You can buy it with a small pot, a big pot, or a hanging pot. The plant adapts to its surroundings easily.

        Marble Queen money plant

This plant has beautiful white and cream leaves. You will need to keep this plant in direct sunlight to maintain its lovely hue. This plant requires 4 to 6 hours of sunlight daily to survive. Try placing it near the window or at the entrance of your door. You can also keep it on the balcony of your house or office.

        Neon Money Plant

These plants have stunning qualities as their leaves appear yellow to neon in shadow. You can keep it inside or outside your house without giving it much care. The distinct colored leaves of this plant make it unique from other plants. It gives your home a dazzling look.

        Jade Money Plant

It is also a popular money plant that you can buy online. It doesn’t require much care and can thrive in a dry environment. The scientific name of this plant is Crassula Ovata, and its leaves are dark green. People believe that the jade plant brings them money and prosperity. It also purifies indoor air.

        Marble King Money Plant

The leaves of this plant have green hues, unlike the marble queen money plant. It requires less light and can grow inside. Gardeners use it to decorate their houses and attract pleasant energy.

        Swiss Cheese Money Plant

Apart from bringing wealth and prosperity, these plants provide an attractive decoration for your home. The scientific name of this plant is Monstera Obliqua. It is popular for its big glossy leaves. You can place this plant outside and inside. However, it requires indirect sunlight to thrive.

         Chinese Money Plant

This plant has round leaves and is also known as the UFO plant, mirror plant, pancake plant, bender plant, and missionary plant. The scientific name of this plant is Pilea peperomioides. Anyone can take care of this plant easily. This decorative plant helps bring your home prosperity and wealth.

         Money Tree

This plant is also known as Pachira Aquatica, Saba Nut, and Malabar Chestnut. It belongs to Central and South America. It has shiny green leaves that grow faster than other plants and bring good fortune while purifying indoor air. Place this plant in a bright location and provide well-drained soil.

Explore More Money Plant types at Our Site

At our online gift store, you can find stunning money plant types that you will love to take home. You can also choose other plants, but money plants are the best houseplants as they require less care. This plant is also a great climber that can grow in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room to offer natural vibes.

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