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Mid-Century Modern Furniture Characteristics

The mid-century modern design is quite popular these days. This design gained its popularity in the 1930s and 40s and has been a preferred choice for homeowners ever since. People love this option because of its unique style. Also, it is a versatile option and can be chosen for both traditional and modern homes. If you want to give your living room design a mid-century modern look, one of the first things that needs your attention is the furniture. Your furniture pieces will hugely influence the overall look of your living room. Make sure you choose mid-century modern furniture pieces. If you do not know what mid-century furniture is, here are a few characteristics you should look for:

01 of 06 Organic and geometric shapes

The shapes you add to the living room design will have an influence on the look. You will have to be careful about choosing any furniture randomly. Always look for furniture pieces that feature clean lines. Also, stress more on organic and geometric shapes. These can include rounds, squares, etc. This is because the primary theme of mid-century modern furniture pieces is simplicity. Therefore, all the furniture pieces like the sofa and chairs, in your mid-century modern living room should have a simple and minimalist appearance. Avoid options that feature intricate designs and appear busy. They can appear odd in your mid-century modern living room interiors. 

02 of 06 Prioritise functionality over looks

When choosing furniture for the home, most people make the mistake of making the decision based on looks. Although looks are important, your priority should always be functionality. In the mid-century modern small living room design, you should always choose furniture that can serve your purpose in the best possible way. As mentioned earlier, you can stick to simple options. There is beauty in simplicity as well. Make sure all the pieces serve an important purpose and you do not add unnecessary pieces that will only cause visual clutter. This is one of the main reasons this design is still popular. 

03 of 06 Wood with natural finishes

The finish of your furniture is important. It hugely influences the look. Make sure you choose a finish that looks good in your mid-century modern living room. Although you can find furniture pieces in many different finishes, you cannot choose any option according to your choice. If you want mid-century modern furniture that will complement your small living room design, stick to natural finishes only. Teak is one of the most popular options chosen for mid-century modern furniture pieces. The natural beauty of the wood makes the space appear elegant and more luxurious.

04 of 06 Tapered legs and “floating” furniture

You will have to pay attention to every aspect of your furniture. If any element of your furniture does not complement the mid-century modern living room, it might appear awkward. One of the most ignored parts of furniture is the legs. Most people skip this part completely. However, you should always focus on them if you want to buy the right furniture pieces for your living room. Always choose furniture pieces that have short legs. It is one of the signs of mid-century modern furniture. Also, stick to furniture pieces that have short legs. It will give your furniture pieces a floating look. 

05 of 06 A mix of natural and manmade materials

The materials used for manufacturing your furniture play a crucial role as well. They not only determine the quality of the furniture but also its look. Various materials are used for making furniture. You should be specific while choosing them for your living room. To ensure that your furniture pieces complement the mid-century modern living room, you should look for options that feature a mix of natural and manmade materials. You can find lots of choices when choosing one.

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