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Showcase your love for your hair this Valentine – Follow an Organic Routine for stronger hair...!!

In the words of ‘Shofi Ahmed’,


‘If only it was
like a hair of you,
like a glimpse of you
in your mirror!
Like the all-round one
perfect sway
nets the ultimate decimal of pi!’



February is the season of love and one should also relish some self-love. Just recollect what makes you feel great and feel better. The Valentine’s hair care regime for a stronger hair is all you need to know.

Splash in a new silkiness this Valentine and flaunt your hairstyle!

The self-haircare regime may sound a bit late, yet this novel pattern is the utmost new. The method of self-care and creating a special space for one’s own development can be traced back to the various archaic practices and rituals as followed all over the world. As the ‘Valentine’s Day is approaching nearby, you shouldn’t miss the chance to embrace yourself and show yourself a touch of warmness using whatever method you want to apply. In this blog, we have assembled special self-care tips for a perfect hair-care routine.

Treat your hair in a gently manner

The inbuilt secret for winning your hair game is by giving them a delicate treatment. One should not assault wet hair by forcefully scrubbing and hauling it. You should rub them gently after washing with a soft towel to prevent hair breakage. Take care not to pull your hair while brushing them and always use a soft toothed comb. It can lead to hair thinning, hair shredding and overall cause damage your scalp

Deeply hydrate your hair from inside out

It is a natural phenomenon that you one feels better only when we are eating a healthy diet. In a similar fashion, gifting your hair the required sustenance will surely help you in getting the delicate and smooth and sparkling strands. The vital factor is sufficient hydration. You can also run up a loosening shower and after washing your hair give your scalp a deep massage using the Orgatre organic hair growth oil for hair growth and get complete relaxation and a good night sleep as well. If you have recently been suffering from a scalp damage, then it’s a high time, and you should give it the mandatory love it needs.

Switch to some damage control techniques

Putting in sincere efforts to improve your hair involves using haircare products which help to prevent damage control. You can take care of your split ends, use dandruff treatment methods, treat the problem of dampness and roughness.

Oil your hair on a consistent basis

The initial stage for a fruitful hair care regime is oiling your hair on a regular basis. Oiling is an effective resolution for damaged hair, dried braids, visible split ends, flakiness, dandruff, frizzy and unmanageable hair. It will gradually smoothen your hair, prevent it from frizz, rejuvenating the hair follicles and increase from hair vitals instantaneously.

Following a healthy diet plan

Include protein rich foods in your daily diet plan and notice a boost in your hair vitals instantaneously. According to expert opinion, an effective diet plan, a stress-free lifestyle and protection from environmental stressors will surely give you voluminous hair.

Keep your scalp in great condition

Taking care of the scalp and regularly washing your hair at least twice in a week is necessary. A dirty scalp accelerated bacterial build-up and leads to scalp infections and hair issues. Thus, having a heathy scalp is a necessary factor for proper hair growth.

Use products which protect your hair

Organic is the current trend in the cosmetic world. Thus, you should switch to organic oils, hair growth serums and shampoos which do not harm your natural hair texture and keep it protected. Excessive styling and heat can cause immense harm to your hair and make it rough and frizzy. Thus, you restrict the use of styling techniques to a minimum for the well-being of your hair for a longer basis.

Always style for self-love

There is a familiar saying that, ‘one dresses for the gig we need’. Thus, your hairstyle must reflect the inner urge residing in you to master the world. You should invest in opportunities and find the right kind of fashion products which help you in revealing the inner you.

If you continue to embrace your inner self and follow the above given tips, you will surely come across stable outcomes.

You can enjoy the benefits of the newly launched Orgatre Hair Growth oil fueled by the power of homegrown Indian ingredients such as Ginger, Turmeric, Bhringraj and clinically proven ingredients like Minoxidil. 

The oil contains an explicit blend of five essential vitamins Vit E, Vit A, Vit F, Vit K, Vit D - and five organic essential oils Ginger Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Turmeric Oil, Thyme Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil. 

Each and every ingredient in the mix is handpicked to enhance the overall effectiveness because your hair deserves the best! Not to forget the presence of the clinically proven ingredient Minoxidil proven to show proven results in hair growth and diminishing hair loss for men and women.

Regular usage for a minimum of 90 days will showcase fruitful results. Orgatre hair growth oil heals your hair roots and nourishes from deep within, it is indeed magical...!!

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