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How to improve customer experiences at your gym

The public are heading back into gyms in swathes since their reopening and now is a great time for gym owners to regain an edge over their competitors by focusing on customer experiences. The fitness industry has exploded since the pandemic forced our attention towards public health and now there is a heightened sense of competition. 

To ensure customers come to your establishment over others, you might want to consider implementing a few changes to enhance the experiences of your clients. Below, we discuss various ways you can improve customer experiences at your gym to gain more customers and retain existing ones.

Be social

Many people go to the gym purely for the social aspect, and almost all gym goers appreciate the social side of fitness. You can really make a difference with your establishment purely through the ‘vibes’ you and your team perpetuate. This may take the form of establishing first-name-basis relationships with clients, striking up conversations at the vending machine or creating a social group online.

By fostering a genuine, friendly, social atmosphere, people can fall in love with your establishment and may come back purely for this reason. This can also make your establishment a place that cares not only about physical development, but mental and emotional development, too - which could be a great differentiating feature of your brand.

Provide basic necessities

This includes things like drinking fountains, vending machines, lockers, showers, changing rooms and all the other things gym goers expect. These items are necessities because customers now expect them and they can be found in most gyms. If your gym provides all of these except for one, your customers may have a better experience down the road at an establishment that provides all of them. 

Invest in equipment 

First and foremost, your clients want access to high-quality, well-maintained equipment. You don’t have to invest in the most expensive technology on the market, but it is essential to provide everything your customers need. This means covering every possible base when it comes to exercise variations, so that customers can exercise every muscle in their preferred way. 

You can also include some additional machines that are unique and interesting, such as a treadmill climbing wall, as these uncommon machines can greatly improve customer experiences. It’s also important to invest time and effort into maintaining your machines, as this will not only keep them in good working order for clients, but it will save you money in the long run. 

Use gym management software 

This kind of software can improve experiences for your customers in many ways, both direct and indirect. You can use gym management software to send personalised communications and special offers to your clients and crucial points in their customer journey. They can also use the customer-facing end to manage their own accounts to an extent. 

Also, because gym management software takes care of many monotonous, time-consuming tasks, your staff are free to improve customer experiences in other ways, such as those mentioned above. If you would like some help getting set up with gym management software, reach out to us today.

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