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Why Does Your Campervan Need A Hilo Poptop Roof?

Hilo is a renowned brand that has been creating pop-top roofs for campervans, for a few years now. They offer a wide range of designs, which come at affordable prices. There are many other benefits of purchasing it. We have listed them in detail below.

Lowest Sitting

The Hilo sport roof can become quite famous due to the features it offers. They come with the lowest sitting elevated roof when closed. This means you will no longer have to worry about any extra height restrictions while going to places like multi-story car parking.

Highest Lifting

The Hilo poptop roof also offers the highest lifting when opened. This means, you would get the maximum head roof for your campervan. It is a great feature for tall people, who often hit their head when they walk inside the vehicle. This is the best choice if you are looking for a pop top roof with a lot of head space.

Bunk Bed

Are you wondering how you can get a bunk bed in your campervan? Well, it is possible with a Hilo poptop roof. It allows that extra headspace which can comfortably accommodate the person sleeping on the top berth, without feeling claustrophobic. It would give you that spacious headroom that you will find nowhere else.

Upgraded Canvas

Over the last few years, different types of canvases were used in pop top roofs. Hilo has upgraded that, and now they are using the marine grade canvas, which gives great performance, minimising rips and tears. It is made up of high-quality material, which is 99.9% waterproof. Named as a scenic canvas, this is an amazing addition for anyone who chooses to go with this type of roof. The canvas comes with various advantages, it opens up the campervan by allowing more natural light and fresh air inside. You can cook inside the van without feeling claustrophobic or the smoke choking you up. You would also not have to worry about smell lingering inside the van with this canvas.


All the Hilo roof kits are fully TUV approved and they do not require any additional testing once they are fitted to your van. They are also M1 crash tested, which means they offer total safety and you would not need to worry about anything

Efficient Design

The roofs are designed efficiently, keeping in mind various features that are designed for your convenience, like triple zipped windows, a removable sliding hatch and it also offers the most elevation.

These are some of the most important features that make purchasing Hilo pop-top roofs totally worth it. They have offered all the convenience and comfort in the recent upgrades, that would make campervanning a more fun and comfortable experience.

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