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How to increase sign-ups at your leisure centre


The post-pandemic business landscape of the fitness industry is looking incredibly positive and many leisure centre owners are trying to capture a portion of returning clients. 

Maybe your old methods aren’t working as well as they used to, or maybe you’re wanting to shake up your tactics.

Either way, knowing how to increase sign-ups to your establishment and ultimately boost your profitability can only be a positive thing. 

In this article, we explore some tried-and-tested ways to encourage more people to sign up to your leisure centre. 


Focus on customer service

Focusing on delivering outstanding customer service can make a huge impact on the experiences of your customers, and in turn, positively impact your brand. Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to spread a brand message, and if clients are telling their friends and family how friendly and personable the staff are at your establishment, you can expect a boost in sign-ups.

Going the extra mile in terms of customer service can make your business stand out amongst the many other leisure centres in the country. You can also apply this to leads who are ready to sign up but haven’t yet done so. By contacting leads directly and offering them a free day pass, for example, instead of pushing a hard sell, you can entice more people.

Host an online competition

Hosting an online giveaway or competition is an excellent way to raise awareness of your brand, market your services and generate leads. You can do this through your social media channels by offering your followers the chance to win a prize if they like and share your content. As an added bonus, you could even make the prize a six-month free membership, as this may result in you actually gaining an extra customer because you can work on retaining them.

The amount of attention you generate from the giveaway itself will be enough to attract some new sign-ups, and you will probably also receive a large amount of new followers and subscribers on social media. You can then market directly to the new members of your audience, in addition to the existing ones.

Use leisure management software

Leisure management software is a powerful tool for marketing, lead generation and conversions. Once prospects have displayed interest in your services, you can use this kind of software to send tailored messages to them at key stages in their journey.

If they are at the consideration stage, you might send them a message promoting your services or offering a free trial. If they are ready to buy, you might send a message offering a 10% discount if they buy now.

Leisure management software also makes it easier for people to sign up to your establishment, which also impacts how many people sign up. They can simply fill out a self-registration form and become members at their own pace, as well as make changes to their account when they need to.

If you have any questions about leisure management software or would like some help getting set up, speak to us today.

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