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How to Plan a Trip to Bora Bora on a Budget with an Indian Passport

French Polynesia is home to the island of Bora Bora. It is one of those locations that is notoriously loved by many people and is wildly pricey. You typically have to pay a high price to see its alluring beauty. 

However, there are several tips you can consider to travel to Bora Bora on a budget. One important tip is to get international travel insurance that would cover any unforeseen medical expenses or losses that may occur during the trip. Further, use the advice mentioned below to reduce wasteful spending.

  1. Book your flights in advance:  If you purchase your plane tickets long in advance, you can get affordable flights as given its popularity; Bora Bora hardly ever provides any benefits. 

Make sure that your passport won't expire before or during the trip duration. If such is the case, then ready the documents required for passport renewal and get the renewal done before the trip begins.

  1. Go during the off-season: Bora Bora would be very expensive if you go on a vacation there during the peak season. However, select a season from November to April, between the peak and the offseason. This particular period is relatively quiet, and the weather is still favourable.

  1. Select less expensive lodging and dining options: Meals are not included in the cost of hotel stays. Make prior reservations at less expensive restaurants. 

  1. Purchase meals at supermarkets or food trucks: Eat just from the food trucks because they will provide you with healthy meals for less money. 

Additionally, supermarkets offer a selection of quick finger foods that you can choose at affordable costs and snack on to satiate your hunger. Additionally, choose to cook yourself if you are willing to do so; it will be less expensive.

  1. Pick your activities carefully: First, try making your online activity reservations without contacting your hotel. You might find a lower cost. Try your hand at shark boy snorkelling, where you can go on a boat tour and snorkel with stunning sharks in Bora Bora for a more affordable price than other activities. Make sure you have travel insurance coverage* that would protect you if anything were to go wrong during such high-risk activities.

  1. Rent a bicycle to get around: By hiring a bicycle, you can reduce your transportation expenses. It is an economical and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Hire one for a few hours or a day, then explore Bora Bora at your leisure while digging deeper into your wallet to cover the expensive transportation fees.

  1. Camping: While on vacation, you can camp out and pass the time in shacks. It offers a unique experience while helping you cut back on many opulent hotel expenses. Camping areas are available on beaches for your convenience.

  1. Couch Surfing: Additionally, Bora Bora has locations where you can try couch surfing. In lodges, you can live for a reasonable price, interact with people of various ethnicities, and make new friends. Free activities like couch surfing are also available, where you can enjoy amenities like hotels. So, it is an excellent alternative to hotels.

If you follow these suggestions, you can save a lot of money and use it for various activities in this place. You don't have to have a lot of money to travel to the magnificent Bora Bora. You can enjoy the island and live well on a tighter budget too.

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