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What Is the Youngest Age to Get Dental Implants?

Your missing teeth can be the reason you feel ashamed when you smile. Losing one or more teeth may be expected in old age, but it can be a traumatic experience when you are a young adult. Missing teeth can cause you many problems, which shows how necessary replacing them is. Fortunately, you can choose many different tooth replacement options to restore your glowing, healthy smile. Among all choices you have, dental implants are usually considered the most popular and effective treatment. Implants have the same look and function as natural teeth and are incredibly durable. If you have decided to book an appointment with top dental implant specialists in Toronto, according to Dentistrynearme, Elmwood Park Dental is one of the trusted and equipped dental implant centers in Toronto. Although you may go through a lot of difficulties during the treatment, the results are worth all your effort, time and money. Many patients wonder if they can be good candidates for dental implants and whether there is any age limit to this treatment. Dental implants aren't available for too old or too young patients, and there are other tooth replacement options they can pick from. In order to receive a dental implant, you must be at least 18 years old. However, there are still other important factors to consider and understand whether the patient is eligible enough. Here we clarify everything you need to know about dental implants and the suitable age to get them.

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When Will You Be Ready to Have Dental Implants?

Although eighteen is considered the minimum age to have dental implants, you still need other qualifications. If your jawbone is still growing, it's impossible to get dental implants as they can damage the growing bones. When the end of the development stages comes, and your jawbone is fully grown, you are ready to get dental implants. Your implant dentist asks you some questions if you are a young patient with missing teeth, including?

  • Do you eat or sleep more than before?

  • Have you continued to grow?

  • Has your shoe size continued to grow?

  • Are you uncoordinated?

You are probably not a food candidate if you answer one or a few questions with yes.

What to Do When You Are Not Qualified to Get Dental Implants? 

If your implant dentist doesn't see you qualified enough to get dental implants, it's time to search for other options. Fortunately, teenagers have other choices rather than implants if their jawbone is still growing.

  1. Dental bridges: Your dentist can replace all your missing teeth with dental bridges. Crowns are attached to both sides of the missing tooth, with a false tooth in the middle. If you have lost a few teeth and your jawbone isn't hard enough, you can choose to get bridged instead of implants.

  2. Dentures: Although this option isn't popular among teens, it's still significantly practical and helpful. Furthermore, dentures are much more modern and upgraded these days, making them excellent options even for teenagers.

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You can choose those tooth replacement options and become a qualified candidate for a dental implant later.

Even though dental implants are significantly attractive, you have to provide the necessary qualifications. Otherwise, getting dental implants can lead to serious complications. Consider all aspects of your choice and consult with your dentist carefully!

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